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Elders and Deacons


Our elders are ordained officers of the church and are called first and foremost to care for, lead, and shepherd the spiritual welfare of all the individuals within the church. They direct the affairs of the church, pray for and provide spiritual guidance for the church, and oversee the preaching and teaching of the Word and worship. They teach and lead Bible studies; train and examine candidates to become new ruling elders or deacons; examine the church records and budget; exercise church discipline; and perform other duties to direct the affairs of the church.

Officers 3

Arthur Sartorius – Teaching Elder


Dan Franz – Ruling Elder

Officer 4

Floyd Drexler – Ruling Elder

Officer 2

Rob Loftus – Ruling Elder


Our deacons are ordained officers of the church who are called to provide care and mercy to any in need. They care for the physical needs of the congregation, including service to the sick, those who are widowed, the needy, the friendless and any who may be in distress. They also care for the church building and its grounds.

officers 1

Joshua Orr